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New Pro Features: Weighted Questions and Manual Grading

Teachers – you asked, and we listened. The Socrative team is proud to present Socrative’s newest Pro features: weighted questions, manual grading, and partial marks. Get ready to transform your online assessments with these exciting new features! 

Weighted Questions

With the new weighted questions feature, you can assign different point values to your questions, allowing you to create more complex and in-depth assessments for your students. For example, let’s say you want students to name all 7 continents. You can now make this a short answer question worth 7 points. Or, you could make it worth 3.5 points – half a point per continent. The choice is yours!

Questions can also be given a weight of 0 points, which is another way you can add flexibility to the types of questions you add to a quiz. Maybe you want to check in with your students’ general understanding on the subject matter at the end of the quiz without having their responses affect their overall grade. Or perhaps you’d like to use the quizzing feature as an end-of-term survey to get feedback from your students about how the course went. 

You can adjust the weight of a question when creating a brand new quiz, or while editing an existing quiz. To do this, just use the arrow keys, or type in a value up to two decimal places in the space provided – it’s that easy!

With weighted questions, students can also see the point value of each question. This allows them to see how much a question is worth in relation to other questions while taking the quiz.

Manual Grading and Partial Marks

Sometimes it’s hard to predict every variation of an answer that students might submit to a short answer question. If a student’s response doesn’t match one of the possible correct answers you inputted, their response will automatically be marked as incorrect. Now, you can use the manual grading feature to override this and mark the student’s response as correct! 

In addition to overriding the mark given, you can leave short answer questions open-ended to manually grade later on. Maybe you want your student to pick a position on a topic and provide a brief argument to defend their position. Now, you can manually grade their response in the results table after the quiz has ended.  

To manually grade a question, simply click on their response in the results table, and the manual grading menu will pop up:

You can mark their response as correct, incorrect, or you can assign partial marks if they got a question partially correct. This will change their response cell to yellow in the results table, so you can see at a glance who received partial marks:

Interested in learning more about these exciting new features? You can check out our support article for weighted questions here, and our support article for manual grading here
These features are available for Socrative Pro users. Don’t have Pro yet? Check out our plans page to see which plan is right for you!

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