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4 Fun and Reflective Activities to End the School Year!

The end of the school year is filled with mixed emotions: excitement for the impending freedom of summer, and sadness about the culmination of a great class and a great year. Use these final school days to connect with your classroom in fresh ways, and reflect on the school year behind you in order to better prepare for the next one.

Fun end of the year activities can enhance the bond within your class, as well as energize and refocus your students during their last days in the classroom.


Use Socrative’s True/False feature to see how many of your students will be doing certain summer activities. Show them the results and they can discuss or elaborate on their plans.


  • Going swimming
  • Going to camp
  • Going on vacation
  • Playing sports
  • Eating ice cream
  • Making lemonade

Plan to be flexible during one part of your school day. Use Socrative’s Short Answer feature to have students give ideas of activities to do during that time, or use Multiple Choice Polling to have students vote on which pre-planned activity they want to do. Giving them a say in their schedule can help keep students positive and interested during the school day.

This time of year is ripe for teachers to reflect on their best, and maybe not so good, teaching practices in order to make the coming year better than ever. The timing is ideal because you still have your best critics at your fingertips: your students! Here are some ways you can get helpful feedback from your students using Socrative. In order to avoid unhelpful or silly answers, be sure to remind them that you want their honest (and anonymous) feedback to help you improve.


Give this Shared Quiz to gain valuable open-ended feedback from your students: SOC-16604372

The questions included are:

  1. Name 3 things that helped you learn this year.
  2. Name 3 things that made it hard for you to learn this year.
  3. What was the most challenging thing we did this year?
  4. What was your favorite moment from our class?

Tip: Import a shared quiz in the Manage Quizzes section – feel free to edit it!


Ask for more specific feedback. If there is a unit you want to modify or shorten, use Socrative’s Multiple Choice feature to ask your class’ opinion. An example of this could be:

Which activity taught you the most (or least) about volcanoes:

  • Creating a diagram
  • Watching the news story
  • Writing the report
  • The reading and discussion activity

Happy summer break!

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